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Chained to floors and locked in basements, Ophelia McCammon has spent her life praying to far more than the Lord Jesus in search of forgiveness.

After her step-sister–Cedar Lewis–vanishes in the middle of the night, Phe is abandoned with parents who will do everything it takes to make sure their only remaining daughter proves pure and devoted to The Temple.

On her knees, she begs for mercy. With an open mouth she receives the Priests’ blessings and recites her prayers.

But her curious mind gets her deeply into trouble, and the Demons in her own personal Hell have become her Saviors.

The divide between dark and light is only the beginning.

the mad house


Now, that she’s committed an unforgivable sin against her parents and has fallen into the care of her long-lost Cedar–she begins unravelling between the segments of her monster and her madness.

Forbidden desires build home in her flesh and blood, tempting her with sins far worse than she could have ever expected.

Which side of her will win?

The Monster.

Or The Devoted.

"this book is the reason i am going straight to hell."

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Other Sapphics By Liza


Twisted Tales Retelling

I’ve found myself trading one monster for another.

Lost to the dangerous touch of my captor and a slave to her commands.

Escape is my only option, but it seems she has other plans to break my defiant nature.

Pain. Punishment. Humiliation.

Fear of death–in one form or another–rules both my surrender and fight in this place. Afraid to give in and terrified to fight back.

But when lines become blurred and pain turns into pleasure, I find myself in an impossible position.

Kill to evade the Bite. Or give everything to the one who has stolen me from my own life.

a dark, paranormal sapphic romance

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This wasn't the life I was meant to live.

No, I should be working on solidifying my ladder of ascension.

No matter what the cost or what I had to give up. No matter what they made me do.Their little wildflower, that's who I am. Quiet, meek, gullible.

Until I met the one person who changed all of it and became something more.

She's my filthiest secret. And one I intend on taking to the grave.


Another night at the club I work at—Pandora's Box. Another dance, another tease, another round of shots and callously thrown dollar bills.

Until her.

Until the energy shifted and one moment became the only thing that mattered.Because she changed everything, claiming my attention and making it hers.

My dangerous little mistake, my favorite enticing regret.

My Vibe Girl.


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My life. My rules.

That’s how it’s always been for me. Well, since I did something that ripped apart the threads of my humanity.

After that, I let go of everything that left me exposed.

Relying on myself alone was the best option.

I can’t allow anything near me anymore, not even the one girl who somehow intoxicates my blood and proves she means more.


Sacrifices were made when I was young. Vital pieces of my vulnerability were stolen from me.

It would have been far too easy if I hadn’t seen her again.

So, of course, the one girl I hate most is the constant reminder of my most painful past.

She thinks I’m still the weak one between us.

It’ll be my sweet revenge proving her otherwise.

a dark, contemporary sapphic romance in the vibe world

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Trigger rnings

the mad house

Blood. Rape. SA. CSA. Violence. Homophobic ideology and derogatory language. Graphic and explicit sex scenes. Kink and taboo content. Animal cruelty. Self-Harm. Religious trauma. 


Blood. SA. Violence. Graphic and explicit sex scenes. Kink and taboo content. Degradation. 


Blood Play. Rape. SA. CSA. Graphic and explicit sex scenes. Kink and taboo subjects. 


Graphic and explicit sex scenes. CNC. Genital Mutilation. Kink and taboo subjects. 

der  vies

"I adored this book because it explored femininity, freedom, power, desire, and the strength in showing vulnerability."

"It gave us two powerful women whose characters developed untold amounts and they were able to grow together, while also being faced with the assholes of the world that try to tear them apart. 

This book was so exciting. So complex. So raw. Just so much. It was everything."

"This book is graphic. Sex. Violence."

"Emotional turmoil. Evil. I loved the two leads and felt their pain, and their triumphs. Kudos to Liza James."

"I am still thinking of Vibe days later."

"I was engrossed from page one and pulled an all-nighter. Vibe took me on a dark, twisted tale."

"This book is hot."

"The chemistry is off the charts, the vibe is absofreakinglutely REAL."

"This one came out of nowhere and carved my heart out of my chest."

"With a spoon.


And then made me beg for more."

“This book is the reason I am going straight to hell”

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